Sustainable Makeup: A Trendy Solution

Using commercial make-up is a harmful lifestyle. The makeup industry uses harmful toxins and is a major contributor to global deforestation and climate change. It is crucial to become proactive and invest in eco-friendly makeup. Here are some trendy and sustainable brands that you can add to your daily makeup routine:

  1. Mango People Cosmetics: The unique brand uses all organic and natural ingredients that flatter Southeast Asian skin tones. In addition, the brand is 100% cruelty free and uses recyclable packaging.
  2. Aether Beauty: This brand has a Greek mythology inspired aesthetic and also uses organic, fair-trade, vegan, and non-GMO ingredients; their packaging is also recyclable.
  3. Elate: Elate aspires to be a zero waste brand; they are currently at about 75%. The brand is affordable and offers timeless makeup products that are suitable for everyone.
  4. RMS: This cosmetic brand is popular and can be found at many retail stores. RMS also uses organic+toxin free ingredients with trendy and recycled packaging.
  5. ILIA: This brand also uses clean and non-toxic ingredients; Although they do use plastic in most of their packaging, it is recyclable. Something unique about ILIA is that they accept used makeup products from customers that they recycle.
  6. Bésame: This cosmetic brand offers vintage makeup that is inspired by the glamorous lifestyle of the 1900s. Bésame is 100% cruelty free and the products come in refillable tins. The business is also completely owned and operated by women, and is produced locally in California.
  7. Fat and the Moon: Fat and the Moon is created by an herbalist and uses age old ingredients and recipes to create their makeup. The cosmetic products are non-toxic, cruelty free, and the brand uses recyclable containers for packaging.
  8. Zao: The brand’s packaging is made up of controlled harvested bamboo and their ingredients are sourced from organic farms. Zao’s factory is located in France and employs individuals with disabilities.
  9. River Organics: This brand has multiple zero waste products, such as their lip balms, highlighter, and bronzer; all of the brand’s cosmetics are vegan, cruelty free, and palm oil free. River Organics also has gorgeous packaging that is made from compostable cardboard.
  10. Sea Witch Botanicals: Sea Witch Botanicals sells a variety of zero waste products and offers their cosmetics in reusable glass bottles and tins. The brand wants to stay true to nature, so they vow to never use parabens, synthetic fragrances, or other plastic-based preservatives.




501(c)4 youth movement bridging the gap between non-climate groups & intersectional climate action.

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Youth Climate Action Team Inc.

Youth Climate Action Team Inc.

501(c)4 youth movement bridging the gap between non-climate groups & intersectional climate action.

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