Sudokwon Landfill: A Landfill That Is Potent to Our Environment

Despite the fact that most landfills are constructed to dispose of solid waste and avoid hazardous materials, they have various negative effects on the environment, mainly because of the methane emitted by decaying trash. However, a landfill built in South Korea in 1992 has become well known for transmitting its waste to energy, protecting the environment.

Known as a “world-class waste treatment complex,” Sudokwon Landfill is the world’s largest landfill that creates long-term benefits through environmentally friendly technology. Despite facing early criticism in 2002, the Sudokwon Landfill Management Corporation proved successful with its eco-friendly, “sanitary landfill…as it was constructed to restrict any leakage.”

South Korea actively practices resource recycling, which is comparable to how people make reusable items with their waste. The waste that is left in landfills has the potential to be reused as resources which can help the environment. For instance, “ in late September, the “Resource Recycling Act”’ came into effect and enforcement began in South Korea.

This process has a significant impact for food and beverage companies who use plastics and other limited raw materials in their packaging. Furthermore, it contributes to the country’s goal of doubling recycling rates by 2030 and reducing plastic waste production overall. Additionally, the Sudokwon Landfill captures the methane-based landfill gas that is used to generate the world’s largest power plant.

“It is calculated that the Sudokwon Treatment Facility will heighten the rate of recycling from 23% to 86% in the upcoming 5 years,” according to the Sudokwon Landfill Site Management Corp (SLC).

By being more environmentally conscious and implementing greener technology, we can help prevent overflowing landfills that negatively contribute to climate change. The Sudokwon Landfill serves as a role model as to how certain practices, such as resource recycling, can greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve energy.



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