Public Perspective of Climate Change

Since the early 19th century, climate change has posed a threat and has only worsened day by day. Although some are taking the initiative to eradicate this issue, there are many out there that still do not have a great understanding on how dangerous this problem is to our world. Our society tends to view climate change through drastically varied lenses and to understand how diverse these opinions can be, I interviewed several individuals in my community on their stances on climate change.

Views on climate change:

  1. A high school teacher full of love for science believes climate change is something that is happening in the world today. Humans are the ones who keep hurting the environment and will most likely not stop.
  2. A friend of mine said that they believe in climate change. They support it and hope it gets better.
  3. A few of my immediate family members strongly believe it is something that, if not fixed soon, will ruin us all. They help by being kind to the environment, which they say not enough people do.

From what I have witnessed, I see the pattern of people saying they “care” about the issue with climate change, but their actions do not portray their words. In only eight years this damage will truly be irreversible. Isn’t that hard to imagine?

If you know something is wrong and needs fixing as soon as possible, you should take action. Go for it and try to fix the problem! I do understand that it is hard and some people are scared, but there is nothing to worry about — especially at YCAT! You have a whole community helping you, working with you, and supporting you on your fight against global warming!

Furthermore, the topic of climate change varies between countries and what people believe in. This issue can be extremely controversial, and the following statistics can show you how.

According to Pew Research Center, the majority in surveyed countries view climate change as a major threat to the nation. Large majorities of the Democratic Party think that climate change should be top priority. However, this topic of climate change continues to be a low priority for the Republicans.

A substantial amount says it is a minor threat to the nation or it means nothing and should not be worried about. This just shows that, as a society, the majority of us understands what is happening and is aware of the negative effects, but there remains an unconvinced group that could benefit from further research.




501(c)4 youth movement bridging the gap between non-climate groups & intersectional climate action.

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Youth Climate Action Team Inc.

Youth Climate Action Team Inc.

501(c)4 youth movement bridging the gap between non-climate groups & intersectional climate action.

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