Is Eco-Friendly Art Taking Over?

Many artists are glad to be seeing a rise in the manufacturing of environmentally aware products. The usage of toxic art materials is not only damaging our health but our environment.

According to Frontier for Kids Minds, the excessive use of certain art materials containing metallic and chemical compounds can damage our DNA. As listed by Lucy Siegle from The Guardian, toxic art pigments that are harmful to the environment include solvents, petrochemicals, and formaldehyde.

We can increase the use of eco-friendly art supplies by looking for sustainable and natural ingredients in products. Natural materials found in eco-friendly art supplies include beeswax, water, flax oils, and casein.

An easy step to promote the usage of eco-friendly art supplies is to support specific brands and artists. Great companies to support are,,, and

To gain further insight on the use of eco-friendly art, I talked to eco-friendly artist Orlaith, also known as Ulla Designs on Instagram and Etsy. Orlaith creates digital art from eco-tank printers, using recycled paper. She also prints compostable sleeves made from plant materials.

“I think it’s brilliant that more and more artists and people, in general, are making an effort to switch to more eco- friendly options. I hope we can speed up a bit!” Orlaith says. “From the beginning, it was essential for me that they wouldn’t be damaging the environment.” Seeing the usage of diverse eco-friendly supplies, made me realize that the range is truly impeccable. Hopefully, we can make it essential for us to switch to more environmentally friendly art supplies.