How to Promote Environmentalism in the Community

Teenagers today are more environmentally aware than any other generation. Since today’s youths will ultimately experience the worst effects of climate change, they are the most committed to combating the climate crisis and creating social and political change. Teens across the globe are coming together through social media, protests, and various organizations to promote environmentalism and climate change awareness. Many famous environmentalists, such as Greta Thunberg, Irsa Hirsi, and Autumn Peltier, are all individuals under the age of 20 who set an example for Generation Z to follow. However, many teenagers do not know how to get involved in environmentalism or start an initiative in their community. It is easy to feel discouraged to make a difference as just one person. The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities for teenagers to assume leadership roles in their community and inspire others to get involved with environmentalism.

Developing a school-based initiative like a club can be very impactful and is something anybody can do. Starting an environmental advocacy club is a great way to motivate peers to get involved in climate activism. Some examples of activities that an environmental club could organize are raising money for local organizations, creating posters to put up around the school or town, organizing school assemblies, or collecting and recycling students’ old textbooks and notebooks. Advocacy clubs are a great way to get students involved in their community and make them feel like they are capable of making a difference.

Getting involved with local organizations or starting your own group are also great ways to help your community. Planning or participating in events like beach cleanups, climate change protests, or planting a community garden are initiatives that any young person can lead that are very effective at spreading climate change awareness. Concerts or sports events that aim to raise funds for environmental organizations are other examples of community events that can make a big difference and create a sense of togetherness within a community, which is very important. Teenagers may find organizing events like these at their age scary, so getting the assistance of an adult or teacher can make it a lot easier.

Social media is a great resource because it is an easy way to connect with people both within and outside a community. Instagram, in particular, is an effective platform for promoting community events, school clubs, or any other type of community initiative that you may be organizing. Posting about new initiatives helps to gather support and gets people interested in what you are doing. For the same reason, finding small organizations and promoting them via social media is a great way to spread awareness. At the end of the day, it is important that young people get involved with environmental activism and strive to create change so that we can set a good example for future generations.



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