Give a Gift to Mother Nature

On Mother’s Day, women all over the world have been recognized and appreciated for their contributions to others’ lives. We send our love to the maternal figures in our lives, such as mothers, grandmothers, and aunts, to highlight the amazing measures they take to protect and love us. However, several people have come together this past Mother’s Day to celebrate one woman in particular: Mother Nature. Over time, she has been depicted as the mother of the world, the environment, and plants. Although Mother’s Day has passed, there are still ways to show your gratitude and admiration toward this very special figure in all of our lives. A few ways you can continue to honor your maternal figure and mother nature throughout the year include:

  • Picking up garbage in your local community: Not only can this be a fun bonding activity between a mother and a child, but it works toward the ultimate goal of cleaning up our Earth. By cleaning up your local community, you can make a significant change in preventing the rising pollution levels. Play out and jam to an upbeat song while cleaning the area.
  • Reducing your meat intake: Our mothers continue to remind us to “eat our vegetables’’ and make healthy food choices. One way to increase consumption of vegetables is to lower your meat intake. For example, place two or more servings of vegetables on your plate and a reduced serving of meat or other protein-based food. Eating less meat not only can benefit us, but it helps the environment. According to Nourish, a food and health website, recent statistics demonstrate that more than 71 million households have switched to plant-based diets. This switch has been beneficial because less animals are being killed for food, and less greenhouse gas emissions are produced. By eating more plant-based options, your mother and the environment will thank you.
  • Reducing air pollution: Instead of driving somewhere, try and find an environmentally healthy alternative. Biking, walking, and running are all great options for transportation. This is a great way to get exercise and enjoy your surroundings!
  • Reusing bags: Customize your reusable bag and walk into stores looking more stylish and sustainable than ever! Challenge yourself these next few months to reuse bags when shopping or transporting materials. On a larger scale, states in the U.S. have taken dramatic and much needed action in banning the use of plastic bags. These states include California, Delaware, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, New York, Oregon, and Vermont.
  • Getting in contact with your senators/delegates: Being part of a collective effort to promote change within our environment and society is quite the opportunity. It is as easy as sending an email, call, or letter to your local legislators. To find your legislature, go to and enter your address. Your legislator will be presented with their modes of communication, such as an email address. It is a great way to get involved politically and help Mother Nature.
  • Planting flowers/trees: Planting with your mom is a fun and simple activity to improve the environment. Find a clear area, put down soil/fertilizer, and get a plant you love to grow. Find a cute pair of planting gloves and don’t forget eco-friendly sunscreen!



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