Effects of Climate Change on Health

Unfortunately, the climate crisis is becoming a health crisis too. Climate change is leading to decreased health, and this is only going to get worse as the temperature rises. Climate change affects health in many ways, causing physical and psychological damage. If humans don’t get the environment under control, we may start losing many lives.

Firstly, climate change is dangerous to health because of the natural disasters it will bring. As the climate changes, weather patterns become more irregular. This is a notable concern for the safety of citizens as natural disasters can be very destructive and fatal. Like many things in society today, natural disasters will not affect people equally. Impoverished communities will have an increased risk of injury or death due to natural disasters. Resources will not be divided equally among all groups of people. Therefore, not only do we need to control climate change, but we also need to look out for those at the greatest risk of the effects of climate change.

Another concern is that the worsening air quality due to pollution is causing an increase in cardiovascular health problems. Pollution also causes lung disease, which is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Additionally, toxic particles in the air can cause cancer. Children are at an increased risk of damage by pollution. Even short-term exposure to pollution can cause negative symptoms, adding yet another reason to fight for the environment.

Climate change can also severely affect food and water, especially in developing countries. According to the EPA, “Climate change is very likely to affect food security at the global, regional, and local level”. The quality and accessibility of food may decrease when climate change worsens as a result of irregular weather, increased temperature, and water changes. Climate change will only worsen hunger. Additionally, climate change is directly involved with water, as weather patterns disrupt water systems. Heavy rainfall can lead to flooding that contaminates water sources, while a lack of water can lead to drought. Evidently, both water and food are significant health concerns as climate change gets worse.

Finally, climate change affects mental health. The disasters that come with climate change can cause anxiety and distress. Disasters may also cause PTSD, depression, and other conditions. Plus, listening to news reporters talk about the climate struggle can cause stress. Increased stress has a variety of harmful effects on the human body, including disruption in sleep patterns, muscle tension, and unhealthy eating patterns.

There are undeniably many harmful health effects of climate change that are only expected to worsen as the environment suffers. It is becoming more and more important to do something to save the planet as well as the humans living on it. Let’s fight climate change together! Support YCAT’s mission here.



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