In 2020, the coronavirus pushed everyone into their homes and introduced virtual learning where students attended classes and met instructors from home instead of commuting to school. After a year of this virtual learning, it is valuable to understand what the benefits of it exactly are, especially for the environment.

As 2021 comes to a close and the new year begins, our planet depends on us to make vows to become more environmentally conscious. These ten eco-friendly New Year’s resolutions are a few easy ways to make a positive impact on the world in 2022.

1. Start using reusable masks.

Floating toothbrushes, water bottles, fishing nets and plastic bags are fueling an artificial environment for coastal life. A study recently published by the peer-reviewed journal Nature Communications shows that coastal species are building colonies amongst trash in the ocean. This data had been collected from a massive collection of marine…

Years ago, the ocean was a never-ending supply of food, or at least many people thought it was. However, as fishing methods become more destructive, fish become less plentiful and harder to catch. The cause: Overfishing.

Let’s take a look at the three main factors of overfishing. First: poor fishery…

Youth Climate Action Team Inc

501(c)4 youth movement bridging the gap between non-climate groups & intersectional climate action.

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